Corporate events go outside for a higher ROI in 2017

In the fast paced corporate events industry, now largely driven by new technology and social media, the fundamental basics of achieving a high ROI are often overlooked. When it comes to ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time, there are two very important considerations that should be at the forefront of every event organiser’s mind when planning their event:
  1. The Location
  2. The overall experience

Over the years we have found more and more consumer and corporate event organisers are hosting outdoor events to combine these two fundamental elements in one fell swoop.


How to choose the right location for your corporate events


The location you choose for your event can go some way to providing the overall experience for your guests. First of all you need to decipher your target audience; are they consumers or corporate clients?

For the consumer: you will need a location that will capture their attention. Some of the best places to set up shop are in busy outdoor public spaces.


  • Head to the high street, retail park or busy shopping centre. This is ideal for promoting goods and services.
  • Pitch your event near to a popular arena to capture the footfall from a concert, sporting event or show. Again, this is a good consumer opportunity for promoting goods and services, or to provide an experience that will help consumers identify with your brand.
  • Beaches, seafronts and docksides lure the British holiday maker, tourist and artisan looking for inspiration. Set up shop here to offer advice, host an event or experience to promote your services.
  • Theme parks and attractions are ideal for certain types of events and products, but this needs to be pitched in a way that will not interfere with the consumer’s day.


By targeting the consumer in the right location and offering an experience they will find beneficial, you can enhance their day. As a result they will potentially tell their friends, family and colleagues.

  The corporate client: needs the location to attract them to your event.

  • Golf courses are great for corporate events where you can mix business with pleasure. Host a formal lunch or dinner following a round golf to discuss and present your products or services.
  • Castle grounds and stately homes offer a relaxed, almost holiday-like experience, where you can build relations and create a memorable event. Corporate clients and journalists will be lured away from their desks for an attractively packaged event or press launch. This option is often utilised for car launches, where open country roads are within easy reach for essential test drives.
  • London City has many open spaces where you can specifically target B2B clientele or premium consumers.

Completing the experience


Once you’ve selected your ideal location that will form the basis of your experience, it’s time to look at how you will package your event. Will you offer a range of products to sample, or will it be an informative event?


Either way, for your outdoor event you’ll need a base, somewhere your guests will feel comfortable and engage in the experience. By using a temporary structure, or marquee, you have a blank canvas that can be built to your desired specification and styled to complement your event.


Allspan’s high-end marquee hire services for corporate events cover central and greater London, Kent, Essex, Sussex, and Surrey. With a vast range of finishes to choose from, Allspan can provide an exquisite structure that will flatter your outdoor event.


For sporting events and scenic locations, Allspan’s glazed walls and doors offer panoramic views. It’s transparent roof and gables are also great for letting in natural light during the summer months, or gazing at the stars during those clear winter nights. Alternatively choose an opaque roof with drapes for a luxurious finish.


To stand out from in a crowd, we can customise the external and internal wall panels with your corporate branding. This option provides maximum brand exposure wherever your event – be it on the high street, at a trade show, sporting event or arena.


The perfect venue for your outdoor event


If you’re choosing the perfect location, you want the venue to be perfect as well. Our cassette panel structures and PVC marquees sit upon a levelled cassette floor, which can be extended outside to form a spacious veranda. The solid floor is the foundation that gives the feeling of a permanent building. It can be finished with carpet or wooden paneling.


To attract clients, customers and media to your event, contact us for more location advice and information on our corporate marquee hire services. Be inspired for your outdoor event by taking a look at extensive gallery of corporate events.