Planning your events with Allspan

While planning your events, consider using Allspan’s range of superior structures. These incredible Losberger structures can be built to your desired size and specification at almost any location.

Spec your structure with a transparent roof and gables to really impress your guests. Not only will this roof make the most of natural daylight, but in the evening it is the perfect canvas for an impressive light display.

We offer both PVC or cassette and glass wall panels, which can be branded with the artwork of your choice. Complete the look with a solid, levelled cassette floor for an opulent finish to your temporary venue.


Almost any location

Of course we can’t just pitch up anywhere, but we will do our best to fulfill your needs when it comes to your event.

Our clients come to us for a flexible and professional service. They want to target their customer in the right location at the right time, so we endeavour to make their event a success wherever they choose to locate it.

It’s all in the planning

It is absolutely vital that we get your event right from the initial planning stages. Following a site visit to your chosen location we can provide 2D and 3D drawings to give you an indication of how your chosen structure will look in the available space.

We will work with you on every aspect of the event, from the lighting to the finishing touches to guarantee that we exceed your expectations.