Everyone Wants a Ticket to the Corporate Hospitality Tent

Allspan has been a regular supplier of corporate hospitality tents for over 20 years. We have supplied temporary structures and marquees for various sporting, entertainment and press events in London and throughout the UK.

While we provide a full range of temporary structures, walkways and marquees, the corporate hospitality tent is somewhat of a trademark for Allspan. It has given us the opportunity to work at some incredible sporting grounds and venues, such as the Olympic Park, Silverstone, Brands Hatch and Goodwood.

For most, the corporate hospitality tent is something of an iconic fixture at sporting venues, festivals, and public events. This brilliant white structure has an imposing presence. It represents a VIP experience like no other and everyone wants a ticket to go inside!

The feeling of excitement, anticipation and superiority, to those that merely meander through the public areas, is a glorious sentiment for those that do get to experience the plush corporate hospitality tent from within.

The corporate hospitality tent is most commonly considered as the chill-zone at events for VIPs, celebrities, successful businessmen and women, sporting heroes and their entourage. If only this white tent could tell its tale, what would it say? Fortunately for the elitists that are wined, dined and entertained inside the iconic structure, these tales remain firmly under hat.

Instead, we are going to give you a glimpse inside a typical corporate hospitality tent used at these kind or events.

Inside The Corporate Hospitality Tent

At sporting events, as a rule, the corporate hospitality tent is positioned so that it has the most prominent viewing point. It usually features glazed wall panels so that guests can enjoy panoramic views of the stadium, race track, green or entertainment. The glazing allows an abundance of natural light to enter the event structure and give an elegant and spacious feel. For guests who are seated during a meal, yet still wish to spectate, there are usually TV screens inside the tent that provide a filmed view and commentary.

Corporate hospitality at sporting events quite often command a formal dress code. This is certainly so for horse racing. Therefore, footwear is usually less than practical and not the type to be worn in a grassy paddock. Fortunately, inside the corporate hospitality structure, the levelled cassette floor is solid and carpeted. Furthermore, the floor can extend to an external veranda and viewing platform, meaning there is no need to step foot on an uneven surface.

This is a structure that exudes luxury and elegance. Hence the interior is dressed with classic wall linings, roof and gable drapes. Chandelier lighting is hung from the main structure, or overhead pin spots are installed to highlight centrepieces on the elaborately decorated tables.

The tables are carefully positioned with enough space for guests to roam. They are finished with crisp white tablecloths, beautifully dressed centrepieces and elegant seating.

Who doesn’t love a complimentary bar? Of course, this is one major perk of being invited into the corporate hospitality tent. The complimentary bar usually serves spirits, wine, beer and soft drinks. If you’re lucky, you might even get a cocktail menu too!

When you need to use the facilities, there is no need to leave the comfort of the corporate hospitality tent. Oh no, guests remain firmly in the lap of luxury thanks to the sophisticated washrooms that are installed as part of the corporate hospitality tent experience.

While this is a typical description of inside a traditional hospitality tent, there are events that offer a less conventional setting. Some corporate structures are branded inside and out. Others offer comfortable seating, bean bags, or a bar-like atmosphere. The beauty of corporate hospitality tents is they can be tailored to meet the needs of the event and the guests.

This leads us on to our next subject of hiring corporate hospitality tents…

Hiring Corporate Hospitality Tents

Sporting events take place all-year-round and therefore corporate hospitality tents are in high demand. At Allspan, our structures are cleaned and inspected after every event, ready for the next. Therefore, the turn-around process is smooth, efficient and guarantees the structure will be in pristine condition ready to entertain the next set of VIPs.

When hiring a corporate hospitality tent from Allspan, we consider every aspect of your event. From the ground surface and access, to the table positions, number of guests and even the event dress code. It is these small details that set Allspan apart from the rest.

To ensure your corporate hospitality tent is suitably sized and specified to your requirements, we carry out an extensive site survey ahead of the installation. We will then prepare a scaled drawing of the structure’s layout to ensure all the tables, guests, bar and equipment can be installed effectively.

To complement our corporate hospitality tent hire services, we can also provide the following ancillaries:

  • Lighting
  • Furniture hire (dining, soft seating and garden sets)
  • Drapes and linings
  • Dance floors
  • Styling and planting
  • Luxury mobile washrooms
  • Power

If you would like to find out more about Allspan’s temporary structure hire services for corporate hospitality and other outdoor events, please contact our team. We would be very happy to hear from you.