Marquee hire for outdoor autumn/winter events

There’s no need to be cooped up in a small venue this autumn/winter. With Allspan’s all-year-round marquee hire service you can have a spacious venue for your event, while enjoying the beautiful autumnal scenes the countryside has to offer. Thanks to Allspan’s levelled cassette flooring, you won’t be sinking into a wet and muddy mess. As opposed to some conventional lay-to-ground wooden marquee flooring that tends to bounce and feel unstable underfoot, Allspan’s Levelled Cassette Flooring provides a solid base for your guests.  We can even eliminate the use of ground anchors by using our integrated steel weight plates within the cassette floor. Allspan’s marquee engineers are scrupulous about perfecting the flooring, ensuring it is consistently level throughout. This attention to detail provides a solid and practical surface for furnishings, accessories and a dance floor, while providing a solid ground to give your guests the impression of a permanent venue. To make the most of your surroundings why not opt for Allspan’s fully glazed cassette wall panels and doors. Pair this with an exterior terrace for full panoramic views across the countryside and give your guests an outside space where they can stretch their legs. Of course the cold can prevent many event organisers and party planners using a marquee hire company, but with Allspan, we can provide full heating, power and lighting to keep your guests comfortable throughout the event.  

Autumn winter events that could benefit from a superior marquee hire company

Our clients require a premium service and expect high standard of equipment, therefore it is vital that we keep our marquees and Losberger structures perfectly maintained throughout the year. We even boast our very own marquee cleaning machine. This ensures, no matter what the seasons have in store, our marquees and structures look incredible throughout the year. Working with many corporate and private clients means we are fortunate to be involved in a wide variety of events. In the autumn and winter we find the most popular requirements for our marquee hire services tend to be some of the following: If there is an event you are organising this autumn/winter be sure to contact the helpful team at Allspan to see how we can help.