Let’s not Forget the Fundamentals when Planning Corporate Events

The corporate event landscape is continuously evolving, with new software and concepts that have been developed to entice corporate clients. However, it’s important not to forget the fundamentals of planning a corporate event.

In this article we look at types of corporate events and what event organisers can do to ensure all the basics are covered.

What are Corporate Events?

Corporate events are run by a business to entertain clients, train staff or to promote a product or service. Quite often the right corporate event concept can be delivered to combine all three.

The types of corporate events range significantly. Here are some examples:

  • Exhibitions and trade shows
  •  Corporate entertainment
  •  Product launch events
  •  PR and media events
  •  Experiential events
  •  Golf days
  •  Seminars and conferences
  •  Charity events

What is Fundamental when Planning Corporate Events?

Let’s get down to basics. First off, who is coming and where is it going to be?

If it is a client event, you need a venue that is central, or that has nearby accommodation for those that need to travel.

For staff training, you’ll need to consider the cost of travel, which will undoubtedly be recharged to the end client by its staff. Look at local venues or use a temporary event structure within the company’s premises. We’ll come on to how great temporary structures are for corporate events in just a mo.

If you are planning a product launch, experiential event or PR event, where you are inviting media and VIPS, the venue and the event concept needs to be special. It needs to entice your guest to attend the event. It also needs to relate to the product or service you are promoting.

Trade shows, exhibitions and seminars are a little different, as usually a venue has already been assigned. In this situation, ensure you select a prime spot surrounded by likeminded businesses, but not directly next to a key competitor.

Event Concepts

Next, think about the concept.

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What messages are you wanting to portray?
  • Is there a requirement for a key note speaker?
  • How long should the event last?
  • Visually, how should it look?
  • Will it be a small affair or a large event?

If the main aim is to introduce a new product, guests will undoubtedly need to try it, test it and give feedback in some way. Think about how you can do this for the number of people coming. If it’s a small event, testing the product could be straight forward, but for large events, you may need to demonstrate with the aid of a key note speaker or a short film.

Depending on the message you plan to portray why not add an alternative experience that sits nicely with your product/brand, or you may want to provide an interactive experience. For example, hosting a corporate event at a sporting stadium or race circuit might be the perfect setting for a dynamic brand. Alternatively, a luxury brand could be more suited to a Michelin star restaurant, 5 Star hotel, golf course or why not a vineyard or distillery. For brand events, it’s always great to think outside of the box.

If this is a charity event, the main aim is for it to be fun and engaging. The more enjoyable the event, the more likely guests are to part with sizable donations for your chosen charity. A good bar, food, entertainment and banqueting set-up is key to delivering excellent corporate hospitality for charity events.

The Visual Impact of Your Corporate Event

To create a good first impression the visual impact of your event should be exciting, impactful and on brand. You need to use good quality finishes, furnishings and event tech. Why not consider:

  • Video walls
  • Screens
  • Projection
  • Lighting
  • Contemporary furnishings
  • Accessories

Although, not a visual experience, the sound quality of your event can make a huge impact on your guests. If you don’t have the right equipment, or a proper sound engineer, it could leave your guests feeling underwhelmed. If you have a key note speaker, or music is a big part of your corporate event in any way, our tip is to invest in good quality sound, lighting and effects.

How do you get People to Come?

If the event is a public affair, then you need to successfully target your audience through digital marketing (social media, a dedicated website with enhanced SEO, online targeted advertising), print media and PR. Try to get people talking about your event for free across all broadcast media.

Invitation only for VIP events and staff training are straight forward. You may have existing clients, staff, key media and new customers that you would like to invite. Make sure you give them plenty of notice to ensure they can come. A ‘Save The Date’ invitation, with some key information will create a buzz of interest.

Payments and Software

Once you have the venue, concept and guests, its all down to you to make the event work. You may want to invest in specialist CRM software to lighten the administrative workload, or to take payments for donations and purchases. To take payments, you’ll need to ensure there is adequate wifi available at the venue.

Why Temporary Structures are Great for Corporate Events

Earlier on we talked about locations for corporate events and how important the right location is to attract the right clientele.

We’ve also touched on how locations that offer an alternative experience for your event can help communicate a brand message. Sporting venues and luxury boutique hotels can be quite an impressive setting for any corporate event.

While you may have found the ideal setting, quite often the banqueting, conference or entertaining space may not be adequate. This is where Allspan’s temporary structures become the most practical and essential kit for your event.

In previous blogs, we have looked at the suitability of marquees and temporary structures for corporate events and how businesses are opting to host outdoor events for a better ROI.

It’s true, temporary structures are are great for hosting lots of people in a desirable location that suits you and the target audience. They can be built to your specification and can be installed almost anywhere. We have installed Allspan temporary structures in some very unusual places, including:

The beauty of our structures is they are genuinely versatile. They can be installed in a variety of locations and specified to your exact requirements with various different wall, roof and floor finishes. We can also add verandas, decked terraces, ramps and elegant pagoda entrances to finish these magnificent temporary venues.

To find out more about Allspan temporary structures for corporate events, contact us today.