Allspan Temporary Structure Welcomes Guests to Sail Royal Greenwich Experience


In July the Greenwich docks once again welcomed the return of the spectacular Tall Ships for the Sail Royal Greenwich experience. The four-day summer event invited guests to step aboard the elegant sailing ships to enjoy an epic tour of London’s skyline from the River Thames.

This was the 6th consecutive year the spectacular Tall Ships had docked at the Royal Arsenal Pier in Woolwich and Allspan was, once again, delighted to provide the temporary structure that would greet guests as they arrived for their nautical extravaganza.  

About the Event

The impressive Tall Ships featuring large white sails are reminiscent of 18th century maritime when the Napoleonic Wars saw the Royal British Navy reach a peak of efficiency. At this time, the Greenwich Hospital – which had been created by Mary II for ex-naval officers – had stretched to maximum capacity.

With such a wealth of maritime history, Greenwich is the perfect setting to welcome guests as they stepped aboard these marvellous ships for a sight-seeing tour like no other. In contrast, the Tall Ships presented quite a spectacle when they set sail along the River Thames. From the riverbanks, the sailing ships were a mystifying sight amidst London’s very modern skyline.

The ships took passengers on a tour of London’s historic and modern architecture, taking in the Old Royal Naval College, The O2, Cutty Sark, Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge. Onboard, it was modern luxuries all round. Depending on the package chosen, guests could enjoy sailing the River Themes in the lap of luxury, with refreshments and savoury bites, or a buffet meal for those longer evening cruises.

The Sail Royal Greenwich experience offered four different packages ranging from 2 to 4 hours in duration. There was a brunch cruise, a day time cruise, a fireworks evening cruise and a VIP evening cruise. Corporate packages were also available for the larger ships.

About the Temporary Structure Installed In Greenwich

As people arrived for their Sail Royal Greenwich experience, the event organisers needed a place for guests to congregate and Allspan was enlisted to install a beautiful white temporary structure.

The structure was intended to provide shade or shelter for the guests as they checked in for their cruise. Bar stools and tables were laid out within the temporary structure for the visitors to relax and wait for their experience to begin.

The structure was provided without side wall panels, which meant all those waiting could immerse themselves in the panoramic views of the dockside. Just a simple PVC opaque roof was fitted across the structure’s frame, thus presenting an elegant ambiance.

The Roof-Only temporary structure installed measured 15 metres by 6 metres and featured a levelled-cassette floor system. We also installed additional cassette flooring to create a 15m wide x 9m external area, in order to cater for different sized tour groups, which ranged from 20 passengers to 150.

More about Temporary Structures for Outside Events

Temporary Structures can be installed in a variety of locations. From car parks, to royal palaces, race tracks to beaches, music venues to shopping centres. At Allspan, we have the ability to install structures ALMOST anywhere for ALMOST any type of event.

Our structures can be styled and specified to suit your personal requirements and guest numbers. So, if you are planning an outdoor event and need advice on a suitable structure, please give our team a call. We would love to hear from you.