Marquee Cleaning Services

Allspan offers a complete PVC cleaning service to all marquee hire companies in London, Kent, Essex, Sussex and Surrey.

No-one wants to hire a dirty marquee, so during the autumn and winter months, we welcome fellow marquee hire companies in the South East to utilise our sophisticated marquee cleaning equipment. This is the perfect time of year to carry out marquee maintenance checks and ensure that all of your equipment is in top class condition, ready for the start of the new event season.

Allspan’s specialised marquee cleaning machine can clean all of your PVC roofs, gables and walls to give them a new lease of life. Our efficient and professional service includes the full cleaning and drying of your PVC and we can also offer a minor PVC repair service for any equipment undergoing an Allspan marquee clean.

To make sure your marquee is ready for the forthcoming season, contact us for a marquee cleaning quotation.