Luxury Wedding Marquee Hire

 There is nothing more quintessentially English than a beautiful wedding marquee on a freshly mowed lawn or field, surrounded by green pasture and fresh corn bales.

If you are exploring the option of wedding marquee hire for your special day, then Allspan should be at the top of your list. We offer a completely bespoke design and build service that ensures your wedding marquee looks sensational, provides enough space for you and your guests and meets all of your practical requirements.

Choose Allspan UK Limited to provide your wedding marquee and you won’t be disappointed

Looking Your Best

At a wedding, we all strive to look our best and the same should apply to the marquee itself. For such a special occasion the wedding marquee must be clean and in excellent condition.

At Allspan, we maintain our marquees and structures to a very high standard. Each structure is cleaned after every use and visually checked to ensure that its elegant stature is never compromised.

This attention to detail and bespoke level of service, means Allspan has had the privilege of providing wedding marquees for several high-profile and celebrity weddings. We have also installed our structures in some exquisite locations throughout the UK, including the home of Downton Abbey itself, Highclere Castle.

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Bespoke Wedding Marquee Hire Kent and London

Anyone planning a wedding will know that finding the right venue is one of the hardest obstacles. It is such an important decision because the venue needs to be unique, situated in a location suited to all your guests and their accommodation. It also needs to seat everyone on the list!

Finding such a venue that is available on the date you choose can sometimes feel impossible. That’s why Allpsan’s wedding marquee hire service is such a popular choice with future brides and grooms.  Furthermore, we cover locations in Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and the wider UK.

The beauty of Allspan’s luxury wedding marquee hire service is we can build a structure to meet the exact needs of you and your guests. For example:

  • The marquee size can be tailored to ensure that everyone can be seated in the layout of your choice and provide enough space for everyone
  • Choose from a Transparent or White Opaque Marquee roof and gables
  • Opt for glazed window panels and/or cassette walling or traditional white PVC walls and Panoramic PVC windows
  • A solid cassette floor can be installed for marquees on uneven ground and finished in a carpet hue of your choosing
  • Add an Oriental Pagoda or Curved Roof Arcum for an elegant entrance
  • Additional structures can be added for reception drinks or a chill out area
  • If you are linking to a permanent building, a covered walkway can provide a seamless transition to the wedding marquee
  • The interior drapes and linings can be specified to suit your colour scheme or theme
  • A wrap-around terrace can be added to provide an elegant external decked area, complete with garden furniture

All Footwear Allowed Thanks to Solid Levelled Cassette Flooring

Allspan offers a luxury marquee hire service, one that does not dictate the dress code of your special event.  With our solid and levelled cassette  flooring, there’s no need to warn guests about wearing suitable footwear. Equally guests of all ages, even those who feel unsteady on their feet, can have confidence that the levelled flooring provides an even and solid surface underfoot.

The flooring can be extended to the exterior of the marquee structure to provide an elegant decked terrace.

Wedding Marquee Installation

As opposed to a permanent venue, an Allspan wedding marquee can be installed almost anywhere. We can build structures on uneven surfaces or we can install a scaffold grid. We can also install luxury marquees in unusual locations, including roof tops and car parks!

Before you commit to a location for your wedding marquee, we highly recommend that Allspan carries out a full site survey to determine the suitability of the ground and access to the desired location.

Contemporary and Traditional Wedding Marquee Interiors

An Allspan wedding marquee can be styled and dressed internally to suit the bride and groom’s tastes, colour scheme and the theme of the wedding.

Typically, one might associate a wedding marquee with traditional white or ivory drapes and linings, but there are many options available for styling your wedding marquee to create a genuinely unique venue.

We have gathered some suggestions below on how you can style your wedding marquee to make it completely unique to you.

Choose from our traditional or contemporary interior roof and wall linings or customise your day with bespoke tack-off linings in a range of colours. These combined with our coloured valances or pelmets can change the entire appearance of your wedding marquee. You can even add LED starlight roof linings for that extra wow factor – the decision is yours.

For a contemporary look, a transparent or partially transparent roof and gables can be very effective. Especially when coupled with event lighting. During the day, a transparent roof lets in an abundance of natural light. Come the evening, the dark sky is the perfect backdrop for disco lighting and LED colour-washed interiors.  Please bare in mind that transparent roofs are not always suitable for summer weddings as they will cause a greenhouse effect on sunny days!

A dance floor at a wedding is a MUST! Allspan can offer a range of dancefloors, from White or Black Starlit to Black and White chequers or coloured LED panels.

When it comes to furnishing your wedding marquee, we offer a range of traditional chairs and round or long tables that can be dressed to suit.  There is also the option of styling your wedding marquee with sofas, bean bags and other soft seating accessories.

Event lighting can be installed to transform the interior and exterior of your wedding marquee. Festoon lighting, fairy lights, lanterns, pompoms and projectors are also a popular choice for styling a rustic-inspired wedding.


Planning a Wedding with Allspan

Whatever your wedding marquee hire needs are, Allspan is on hand to help create a venue worthy of your special day.

As well as providing the main structure, we can also provide a range of ancillary equipment to complement your event, including:

  • Mobile luxury toilets
  • Dance floors
  • Furniture – dining and soft furnishings
  • Event lighting
  • Generator and power supply
  • PA and AV systems
  • Accessories
  • Bar units
  • Catering tent and equipment
  • Garden furniture
  • Heating and Cooling

These items can be supplied direct from Allspan or through our trusted event partners.

Choose Allspan UK Limited for your luxury wedding marquee hire in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex, London and the wider UK. Please contact our team to discuss the requirements for your big day.