Temporary Exhibition Space

Don’t wait for your clients to come to you, choose a temporary structure to maximise footfall at your exhibition or event Exhibition halls and public buildings are great places to host an exhibition, event or pop-up shop but they don’t guarantee a high footfall from your desired audience. Rather than wait for your customers to come to you, why not go to them? Event organisers, businesses and retailers are choosing to use Allspan’s stylish and exclusive temporary structures in locations where they can expect to generate the most interest from their target clientele. With the ability to be erected almost anywhere, Allspan’s structures can be used as a stand-alone temporary venue in locations such as, a town centre, shopping centre, car park or business park. Combined with a special walkway link they can also become an extension to an existing venue or showroom. Allspan’s glazed and cassette walled structures offer the interior finish of a permanent venue and can be styled to suit any event. They have proven popular as a temporary exhibition space or a hub for B2B business events, fashion shows, craft and wedding fairs, and pop-up shops, particularly during the festive period. Recently the company installed a glazed temporary structure at the Royal Geographical Society, for The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, to exhibit 43 paintings by artist, Reem Nazir, to showcase her collection – a colour interpretation of historic black and white images from the Hajj pilgrimage in the holy city of Mecca. The structure’s glazed walls, coupled with the transparent roof sections, present the paintings in complete natural light and a bespoke walkway from the Pavilion provides guests with a covered link from the building to the main exhibition. Allspan’s superior structures offer a complete blank canvas for any event. Simply left undressed or decorated with stylish furniture, lighting, staging and accessories, Allspan can cater for all requirements.