The Temporary Structure Hire Company for London Summer Events 2019

As a temporary structure hire company for London, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the best London summer events in 2019. While we’re doing so, let’s also explore why the big white tent has become such a staple piece of kit for outdoor events in our capital and across the UK.

London Summer Events 2019

Between the months of May and September, London’s event calendar is in full summer swing. The city comes alive with a collection of entertaining outdoor events and leisure activities. From festivals to sporting events, award ceremonies to garden parties. Not to mention specialist weeks that are dedicated to all kinds of hobbies and interests.

The London Summer Events 2019 calendar really does offer something for everyone. So, we have picked out some of our favourite outdoor events taking place in London this summer.

The Big White Tent

The big white tent, or to use the technical term, the temporary structure, is essential for outdoor events in London and throughout the UK.

The reason? The weather of course! This unpredictable force of nature that can cause many complications for even the most experienced event planner. It is always best to be prepared for the worst and temporary structures are the perfect solution for outdoor events. Hence this big white tent has become one of the most iconic sights at festivals, garden shows and air shows in the UK.

Why Event Planners Use Temporary Structures

There is no venue that can offer the same flexibility in terms of size, styling, shape and finish as a temporary structure. Even in the winter months, temporary structures are heated and used as venues for Christmas parties and exhibitions. But let’s get back to summer.

Summer events are when temporary structure hire companies like us at Allspan thrive. Every outdoor event requires shelter from the sun, or rain, and temporary structures fit the bill for every scenario. Here are just a few of the type of events where temporary structures are used during the summer months:

Types of Temporary Structures

When referring to temporary structures, most of us think of a big marquee tents, but there are in-fact many different types of event structures available. Here are just a few examples:
  • Covered walkways for venues. Walkways can be built to size and specification. As an example, Allspan installed a covered walkway to the entrance of the Natural History Museum.
  • Oriental pagodas are an elegant structure with a pointed roof. Pagodas can be installed as a stand-alone structure for a bar, a stall or a small exhibit. Alternatively, they can be placed next to a large temporary event tent as an elegant entrance.
  • Open-sided structures offer an informal space for guests to gather at an outdoor event. These structures are the perfect shelter for welcome drinks, or a space for guests to gather before enjoying a leisurely activity.

Built-In Finishing Touches for a Large Temporary Structure

For an event where interior and external styling is important, it’s worth noting some of the finishing touches that can be built-in when hiring a large temporary structure.

Here are some of the options to choose from when deciding how you want your temporary structure to look:

  • The roof can come with a white opaque or transparent finish
  • The solid cassette floor can be finished with a range of carpets
  • The drapes and linings come in various colours and fabrics
  • The external and internal wall panels can be branded
  • Add oriental pagodas for a touch of elegance
  • The walls can be fully or partially glazed with decals if preferred
  • Walkways can be added to shelter guests as they arrive
  • A veranda can be added with disabled access ramps

Allspan – The Temporary Structure Hire Company for London

There are endless design options available when specifying a temporary structure for hire, but that is where Allspan can help.

We have been providing temporary structures for corporate hospitality, private parties, weddings, award ceremonies, festivals and garden parties for over 20 years. We know a thing or two about helping our clients get the most out of hiring a temporary structure and can make suggestions on finishes for those that need it.

We will help you establish the size of your temporary structure based on the number of people it should accommodate, the space available and any furniture, or accessories, that might be required.

Allspan clients enjoy a superior level of services and an impressive structure installation. If you would like more information about Allspan’s temporary structure hire rates, styling, ancillaries, washrooms, power and event lighting, please contact our team.