Temporary Structures Installed for Institute of California Wine Fair, London

Allspan installed various temporary structures in London for the California Wine Fair. The beautiful array of pergodas and event tents were positioned throughout the College Gardens at Westminster Abbey.  Each provided a covered  wine tasting station for the annual trade event. Among the hundreds of wine fanatics that attended the London wine fair were the Press, Restaurant Owners, Publicans, Caterers, Buyers, Agents and Retailers. Delegates were entertained in the magnificent College Gardens at Westminster Abbey, where Allspan installed several temporary structures to accommodate Californian wine tasting activities, ground-breaking seminars and Californian style cuisine. There were over 600 varieties of wines from importers and wineries at the event, each seeking distribution deals within the UK. For such a significant event in the wine sector, it was crucial that all potential buyers were hosted in an opulent and enjoyable environment.    

Temporary Structures That Compliment Historic Architecture

The historic College Gardens at Westminster Abbey were a superb choice and provided a relaxing setting. To compliment the beautiful surroundings, Allspan installed a range of temporary structures to house the various exhibits and visitors. Allspan installed a large temporary structure which formed the centre piece to the entire event.  It measured 15m wide x 30m and featured a 6m x 6m Oriental Pagoda at each end of the 30m length to help clearly define the entrances and exits to the exhibition. The structure was built to our client’s specification with a White Opaque Roof, Transparent Gables and PVC Panoramic Window Walls to the front 30m length. These features ensured an abundance of natural light was available inside the structure. The floor inside the temporary structure needed to be completely level to house the hundreds of wine exhibits and Allspan used its renowned solid and levelled cassette floor system, to ensure an even ground underfoot.

Small Temporary Structures Offered Wine Tasting Stations

Allspan also installed six smaller event structures throughout the gardens, which included:
  • Four 3m x 3m Arcum Curved Roof structures
  • Two 3m x 3m Oriental Pagodas
These individual event structures worked as Wine and Food Tasting Stations, a Registration Desk and Travel Desk, throughout the one-day wine tasting extravaganza. Please read on to find out more about Allspan’s temporary structures for exhibitions and trade fairs.

Temporary Structures for Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

The desire to entertain clients and present products in a unique environment has never been more apparent. Hence, businesses are seeking new and interesting locations in London and throughout the UK to host corporate events, parties, trade fairs and exhibitions. The beauty of Allspan’s temporary structure hire services is that our event tents can be specified to meet your own requirements, as demonstrated with the California Wine Trade Fair.

How We Plan for Your Event

Ahead of an event, Allspan will work closely with the event team to ensure that every base has been covered.  As part of the planning process, we will carry out a full site survey to test the ground and review the available space. For the California Wine Fair, the process was very straight forward as we are a regular temporary structure supplier for Westminster Abbey.  There are a number of locations in London, where we are very familiar with the ground space, these include Southwark Cathedral, The Royal Geographic Society, The O2 Arena, The Natural History Museum and Hyde Park to name but a few, which is very convenient when working on large scale events, such as:
  • Exhibitions
  • Corporate events
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Celebration events
  • Charity events
  • Trade fairs
Wherever you happen to locate your event, we will ensure the temporary structure is built to meet your needs. To give you an indication of the space available within your temporary structure, we can also create a CAD drawing with all the facilities in place, such as furniture, exhibition stands, dance floors etc, to give you complete peace-of-mind that your event is in capable hands.

How to Style Temporary Structures?

Inside these impressive event structures, the options for styling are endless, as they really are a blank canvas. If you have a preferred theme, or would like the event structure branded, it’s all possible! We regularly work alongside event stylists and planners, or we can provide interior event styling ourselves as part of our all-encompassing event planning package. Working alongside our trusted and professional event service partners, we can take care of all your styling needs:
  • Event lighting
  • Catering
  • Interior Furnishings
  • PA systems and Audio equipment
  • Temporary seminar seating
  • Accessories

Branded Structures

At a busy Exhibition or Trade Fair, where you are competing for footfall, a fully branded event structure is a sure fire way of grabbing the attention of passers-by. At Allspan, we can help you brand the external wall panels of our temporary structures. For maximum exposure, consider adding your logos and corporate slogans in large lettering to the fascia of an Allspan temporary structure.

Let Your Exhibit do all the Work

The alternative, is to keep the interior plain and let your products or exhibits capture the attention of your guests. This works particularly well for art exhibits or when displaying bold products. No matter how you decide to style you temporary event structure, you can be sure that Allspan will deliver a thorough, professional service, with a structure that looks outstanding! Contact our team to find out more about Allspan’s temporary structure hire.